Our jobs

Who Do We Work For?

Residential repaint, homeowners

Residential and Commercial investment property owners

Residential Communities, Homeowners Associations. Condominiums, Apartments

Residential Remodel or New Construction (contractors and owners)

Organizations: churches, non-profits and more!

Commercial Enterprises (repaint, remodel and new construction): wineries, retail outlets, hospitality, restaurants; offices, health care, convalescent, light industrial facilities and more!

Government: parks and recreation, schools, museums and more!

Realtors, Property Management, Insurance Work

We  paint new custom homes and have done new 4,500 sq ft  6,000 sq ft  10,000 sq ft homes


What do we Paint (Finish, Refinish or Decorate)?

Wood of all types: hard woods, soft woods, redwood, fir, pine, mahogany, walnut, ash. birch, maple, oak

Plywood, masonite, clay siding; paneling

Concrete, stucco, masonry block, tile

Steel, iron, aluminum, sheet metal, Formica.

Sheetrock, plaster

Storage racks, barrel storage, tanks, fencing, steel shipping containers, S.F. Chronicle newspaper stands

boats, work equipment tractors,trailers

we also paint with 2 part catalyzed Epoxy High-performance coatings  cement, cement surfaces, garage floors

(15 year guarantee is available with all Epoxy jobs)